Stanley Jump Starter

If you do want a portable battery boost that could be compared to the renowned brands out there, then the Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 is a specific model that is worth looking out for. What actually interests me about this model is that it is lightweight and at the same time it is full sized. The overall size is big but it does not mean you can not take it with you.

In fact, if you really want a dependable battery boost which can be efficiently utilized to wake up dead car batteries and other larger motor vehicle batteries, then you definitely need to get the Stanley Jump Starter J5C09. It is heavier than your normal compact battery boost.

This is simply because it does have a massive 1000 amperes of pure surging power. And that doubles the top amperes provided by more costly models. Stanley has been constantly improving on this model ever since the first production and its global recognition has been growing due to its efficiency as a battery boost.

No more worrying about your car battery suddenly dying while in the middle of a busy highway. The Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 will take care of your battery in no time. Because of the massive power capacity of this battery boost, it also requires longer charging time. At least, 20 hours of charging if you want to keep it in top condition all of the times.

Be informed that the battery of this particular unit needs to be charged frequently and the battery level monitored when you are using it. Do not use the Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 if the battery level indicator states that it is below maximum. You need maximum charge if you want to increase your chances of reviving your dead car battery.

Unfortunately, this model does not have a lot of drawers and pockets. Some customers are complaining about this fact, but you have to understand that the manufacturer was actually doing buyers a great favor.

Without the normal drawers and compartments for storage, they have been able to maximize its dimensions tremendously. It is all battery, all power, all the time. There are no empty space or air pockets. What you are getting is a complete power source that is ready to deliver a huge surge of energy to your battery whenever the need arises.

Its durable alligator clamps and the custom fit cables do make sure that your connections between the battery boost and your car is simple and easy. Why settle for a battery boost that only promises a small chance of success? Make use of a battery boost that will deliver a sufficient surge when charged fully.

The Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 is one of a kind. It does have a safety and alarm system just like any other battery boost in the market. You actually do not need to worry about destroying your unit when you do make bad connections. This is because the moment the unit detects incorrect polarity, it sends out an alarm immediately notifying you that there are some mistakes with your connections. What else do you want in a battery boost.